advanced carbon capture & emissions control

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FlueGen™ is a developer of CO2 separation and emissions control technology with revolutionary low cost and energy consumption. FlueGen develops systems and projects for CO2 capture and control of SO2, SO3 and particulate matter emissions, principally for coal- and gas-fired electric generating plants, refineries and other industrial facilities worldwide.



Key Process Advantages

Our process was developed by chemical and mechanical engineers with over 35 years of successful experience in the design, installation and operation of over 16,000 MW of electric power plant emission control systems. Key process advantages are:

Non-volatile, highly reactive reagent

The FlueGen™ CO2 capture process uses a non-hazardous reagent that is commonly used by power plant operations staff. The process does not use volatile amines or ammonia-based compounds, and achieves CO2 capture at extremely low capital and operating costs.

Near-complete reagent recovery

The FlueGen™ process regenerates its CO2 capture reagent in a highly cost-efficient manner, cutting reagent make-up rates to very low levels. The regeneration process has low energy requirements, which sharply reduces overall process operating costs.

No need for flue gas chilling

Chilling flue gas is costly and energy-intensive, and significantly expands the footprint required for a capture system. The FlueGen process does not require pre-cooling of the flue gas before CO2 capture.

Use of well known, proven equipment

Competing processes require equipment never before used in power
plants. Every component used in the FlueGen process is identical to
those installed in power plants for decades. This is key for operations
and maintenance staff.

Near complete removal of SO2, SO3, and PM

Our process removes sulfur dioxide (SO2), sulfur trioxide (SO3) and
particulate matter (PM) to extremely low stack levels. There is
virtually no added waste disposal.




FlueGen™ was founded in 2007 to commercialize a highly innovative technology that separates and captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial flue gas at extremely low cost and with minimal energy consumption. The process yields a pure stream of industrial CO2 that can be pressurized for transport and used in numerous commercial applications such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR). FlueGen’s process can also control emissions of SO2, SO3 and particulate matter in a very cost-effective manner.


FlueGen was founded by a leading chemical engineer with 35 years of experience in emission control systems, particularly in fossil fuel power plants. The staff of FlueGen has designed, installed, and placed in service over 16,000 MW of emission control systems in power plants across the United States and internationally.


FlueGen is backed by investors with deep experience in the power industry and in other areas of large-scale project and technology development.


Contact Us

FlueGen™ is headquartered near Los Angeles, California,
with offices in Silicon Valley and on the East Coast. You
may contact us by email at info@fluegen.com.